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We are the first platform that focuses only on live music streaming

Interactive Experience

Interactive features like our Party Mode revolutionize live music streaming and turn a stream into an experience.

Fair payment

The fair payment of our artists and the correct licensing of the music used are anchored in our values.

An Interactive experience

FAQs for music lover

Streamrebels.live is a platform where you can watch live performances of your favorite artists and interact with other music lovers.

Music Lovers are users of our service. Analogously, there are Artists & Organizers, who provide the beats on streamrebels.

You can register as Music Lover and Artist during the registration process or change the role later via the menu in the upper right corner.

No, you can watch any stream without registration. Registration is required to use the full functionality of the platform, such as party mode.

The mode turns off your camera and shows the others that you are away for a moment and will be back soon.

A subscription includes 

  • that you can watch the artists free of advertising
    In addition, you get free minutes – depending on the subscription size – for the party mode.
  • This means that within your free minutes you can use all the functions of the party mode and have fun.
  • If these are used up, you can change to a larger subscription
    or simply add more free minutes once.

You can still chat, but you can no longer see the others or show yourself.

  • Add one-time minutes,
  • or change to a larger subscription

Both can be done via your profile in the section „Profile / Subscription“.

In your profile under „Profile / Subscription

You can buy tickets to their shows, subscribe to the platform, send donations.

Yes, you can use the chat and use special interaction features like party mode.

Currently still in development: As soon as you follow an artist, you will receive notifications about upcoming streams and other updates via mail.

Currently Streamrebels.live is accessible via the web browser on mobile devices. A mobile app is in development and will be available.

Yes, besides the live chat during the streams, you can also send hearts to give feedback to the artists.

  • Event chat
  • Private chat (1on1)
  • Invite for a Drink – Chat with other guests; hear and see the artist in the background
  • Celebrate function – Celebrate other guests that are especially crazy or that you like
  • Pin your Music Lovers – If you find other guests especially cool you can pin them. This will stop them from scrolling and keep them in your field of view.
  • Use filters e.g. Friends – Show only your friends.

FAQs FOR Artists, clubs and festivals

Streamrebels.live is a live streaming platform designed specifically for musicians and bands to perform live and make out of a stream an experience. 

Visit our registration page and follow the instructions to create your artist profile. You can choose between the roles Artist and MusicLover or select both roles.

You’ll need a stable internet connection, a camera, a microphone, and streaming software like OBS.

OBS Settings (PDF)

Our recommended settings:

  • Video: 1080p
  • Audio quality: 320kbbs audio
  • Bitrate 4000-6000 kbps

For the encoder settings we recommend you to do a test event.

You can test all settings one hour before each event. You can invite 3 music lovers to the test, who can evaluate the quality.

Not yet, but the functions are being developed (so coming soon)

You set up an event for each stream. You can easily do this in our event wizard. You can find a video here on our YouTube channel.

  • Through subscriptions and donations. The breakdown is as follows:

Subscriptions: Every Music Lover can buy a subscription for the entire platform. There will be a monthly distribution of the subscription revenue.

This means that 50% of the subscription revenue will flow into the artist pot. From this pot, each artist will then receive their share, which will be calculated based on audience minutes. Example:

Artist 1 has generated 8,500 viewer minutes per month. All artists together have generated 250,000 viewer minutes. This means that Artist 1 is responsible for 3.4% of the viewer minutes.

Therefore, Artist 1 also receives 3.4% of the monthly Artist pots in this example €1,700.00 of €50,000.00 pot revenue

Donations: At go-live our artists receive 100% of the donations.

As often as you like! There is no limit. You set up an event for each streaming.

You can use chat to communicate with your fans and use special interaction features like party mode to see your fans for the first time.

  • You can upload a banner or flyer of your upcoming stream on Streamrebels.
  • Additionally, we recommend using your social media channels and email lists to notify your fans of upcoming streams.
  • Under the following link you will find our Marketing Guide as well as our MediaFolder with logos and further images.

Basically we don’t offer a function to record your set, since we specialize in live events – but you can have the set saved in OBS parallel to the stream.

Besides live chat during your streams, fans can also send hearts to celebrate your gig.

The earnings will be paid monthly via the deposited payment method. Depending on the country, taxes may apply and it is the artist’s responsibility to declare them correctly. Verification in Stripe is required for the payout. You can initiate this via your artist profile. You will also be notified every day when you log in for the first time.

Voices from our community

Streamrebels is the platform that we, the DJs, needed to reach the next level when it comes to streaming. Not only does it offer us greater connectivity with our audience, but it also allows us to monetize our activity. Perfect combination to improve the quality of streaming for the industry with a technological innovation never known before.

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